[NS​-​R 04] Colectivo Abaetetuba - HUECHELU

by Colectivo Abaetetuba

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Nachtstück Records is a record label, starting its activity in beginning of 2014, focused on releasing Free Improvised Music, Contemporary Instrumental Music, Electroacoustic Music, and Post DJ-Scene oriented genres. Music is generally released using creative commons licenses for free download with the eligible possibility for contributions, from which 90% will be given to humanitarian, social, cultural, and activist institutions, 10% of the money will be divided among people involved with the label.

The resulting money from this release will be aimed for contributing to the following causes - unicef: children of syria; rotary club polio eradication campaign; a local association held by youth people connected to society of jesus called gambozinos gambozinos.org; amnesty international; international red cross

ABAETETUBA "a gathering of good people"

In 2004, in the city of São Paulo, was born the idea of creating a group to explore free improvisation, yet little known in these parts. Antonio 'Panda' Gianfratti and Yedo Gibson were playing together as a duo, they had already recorded three albums and the prospect of expanding sound investigations stimulated them. It was given the initial step in creating a collective of free improvisation born in Brazil: the Abaetetuba Collective.

ABAETETUBA is a Brazilian indigenous name (Tupi-Guarani) that means ´a gathering of good people`. In the first year of the group there were many gatherings at Gianfratti’s home. It was a sound lab, with many talks and listening to different music genres until they discover the Free Improvisation.

In 2005 they debuted in shows and recording. Along with Antonio Panda Gianfratti and Yedo Gibson were the musicians Renato Ferreira (sax and double bass), Rodrigo Montoya (soprano sax). The first recording, "Vol 01 - Small Improvisation Orchestra ", also featured the participation of bassist Luiz Gubeissi (who in recent years became an effective member of the group) and the saxophonist Fabio Bizarria.

In the same year Yedo Gibson left Brazil and moved to London and later to Amsterdam. Then Thomas Rohrer, a Swiss based in Brazil since 1995, joined the collective and added a new element to the group: Rabeca, a traditional Brazilian fiddle, he also plays saxophones. Under this new ensemble - Panda, Rohrer, Ferreira and Montoya – two albums were recorded ("Vol 02" and "Vol 03").

In 2006 the group collaborated with the jazz/free-improvising vocalist Phil Minton, in his first visit to Brazil. Later on, the bassist and cellist Marcio Mattos, from Rio de Janeiro, collaborated with the collective. Based in London since the ‘70s, Mattos brought the experience of three decades dedicated to free improvisation music, having been a partner of leading names of European Free Improvisation scene. The Abaetetuba recorded its fourth album with the participation of Mattos on cello, in October 2006.

Marcio Mattos encouraged the group’s music with his enormous experience and familiarity with icons of free improvisation. At that point the collective considered making its own signature that continues so far. Another fact to be emphasized: the support and encouragement came first from abroad, particularly from Europe, then only later from Brazil. The group has never tried to make music with references, it has always sought to take the risk with originality.

After the experience with Mattos, Renato Ferreira left Brazil and moved to Amsterdam, and Rodrigo Montoya moved to London, playing then the traditional Japanese instrument, Shamisen. In London he collaborated with many musicians specially Marcio Mattos, making an album in duo called "EN", he also participated in the London Improvisers Orchestra.

In 2009, the collective got an opportunity to make a tour in Europe, where they could gather all the members of the group again and, in parallel, make collaborations with many improvisers. The Abaetetuba played in Madrid in the XIII International Festival Hurta Cordel of Free Improvisation; also played in Netherlands, with members of the ICP Han Bennink; and went to England, joining at British stage with pianist Veryan Weston and bassist John Edwards.

In the following year at Cultural Centre of São Paulo they created the "International Festival of Free Improvisation Abaetetuba", that would be repeated in 2011, where international names joined it as Hans Koch, John Russell, John Edwards, Raymond MacDonald, Ricardo Tejero, Javier Carmona and Saadet Türköz; the group also got an opportunity to take this festival to other cities besides São Paulo, such as Recife and João Pessoa.

In 2013, the collective participated in the 4th edition of the International Festival of Improvised Music, the SoundOut Festival, hosted in the city of Canberra in Australia and organized by the musician Richard Johnson. It was a great and exciting experience meeting the Australian Free Improvising scene.

Currently the Free Improvisation in Brazil has been slowly expanding around the country in singular initiatives through concerts, festivals, workshops, blogs, recordings, among others. Some names like Célio Barros, Juliano Gentile, Centro Cultural São Paulo, Marco Scarassatti, and several others have been supporting the development of Free Improvisation in Brazil.

The Abaetetuba collective, since 2011, has set as a quartet, with:
Antonio Panda Gianfratti: percussion
Thomas Rohrer: rabeca and saxophones.
Rodrigo Montoya: tsugaru shamisen, satsuma biwa, charango and guitar.
Luiz Gubeissi: double bass


Antonio Panda Gianfratti: percussion

Antonio is a drummer, percussionist, builder of percussion parts and free improviser. He was born in 1948, started his career in 1963 and since 2000, he has been dedicated to improvised music, promoting this strand through performances and workshops in cultural venues, theatres, museums, art galleries and festivals. He is the founder of the Free Improvisation collective ABAETETUBA in 2004 along with Yedo Gibson. Also he is the curator of the 1st and 2nd International Festival of Free Improvisation ABAETETUBA supported by Cultural Centre of Sao Paulo. Some musicians and artists performing with him are: William Parker, Han Bennink, Phil Minton, Hans Koch, Ab Baars, Veryan Weston, Mark Sanders, Trevor Watts, Saadet Türköz, Ricardo Tejero, Raymond MacDonald, Luo Chao Yun, Audrey Chen, Peter Jaquemyn, Olie Brice, Charlotte Hug, Phil Wachsmann, John Edwards, Olie Brice, John Russell, Sabu Toyozumi, Thomas Rohrer, Rodrigo Montoya, Luiz Gubeissi.

Rodrigo Montoya: shamisen, biwa, charango & guitar

Rodrigo began in music playing guitar in 1996. In 2002 he studied soprano saxophone and improvisation with Yedo Gibson. In 2006 he joined the Japanese “Minyo” Association at the Japanese community in Sao Paulo, where he began to study the Tsugaru-shamisen, a traditional Japanese instrument. From 2003 until 2005 was part of Brazilian folk music orchestra "Zohyo d’agua" lead by the bassist / composer Ricardo Zohyo. In 2004 he joined since its inception in the Free Improvisation group Abaetetuba along with the musicians Antonio Panda Gianfratti, Yedo Gibson, Renato Ferreira, Luiz Gubeissi and Thomas Rohrer. In 2008 he moved to London and has collaborated with musicians and artists from many parts of the world: Marcio Mattos, Steve Beresford, John Edwards, Alex Ward, Steve Noble, Moshi Honen, Lê Quan Ninh, Roger Turner, Veryan Weston, Javier Carmona, Ricardo Tejero, Paloma Carrasco Guillaume Viltard, Raymond Macdonald, Kirstie Simson (dancer), Max Reed (dancer), Alex Reuben (filmmaker), Sabu Toyozumi, Caroline Kraabel, Luo Chao-yun, Terry Day, Damo Suzuki, the workshops Eddie Prévost, Foco_Orquestra of Improvisation in Madrid, London improvisers Orchestra and many others.

Thomas Rohrer: rabeca & saxophones

Since 2005 Thomas has performed in a duo with the percussionist Panda Gianfratti and has worked together with the double bass player Célio Barros since 1996. He is member of some groups as: the Trio TEC; the Abaetetuba collective; "A Barca"; a trio with Hans Koch and Panda Gianfratti; a quartet with Rob Mazurek, Mauricio Takara and Miguel Barella and a duo with the singer Saadet Türköz from Kazakhstan, performing in concerts and festivals in Brazil and Europe. He also plays occasionally in groups of the Italian percussionist based in NY, Alessandra Belloni. While resident in London he played with the London improvisers Orchestra, and performed with various local improvisers. He is the curator of the two International festivals of free improvisation Abaetetuba that took place in 2010/11 at the Cultural Center of Sao Paulo. In 2011 he played in a band accompanying the legendary American saxophonist Yusef Lateef at his shows in Brazil. In the area of improvisation he has collaborated with musicians as: Saadet Turkoz, Panda Gianfratti, Hans Koch, Phil Minton, Celio Barros, Audrey Chen, Marcio Mattos, Rodrigo Montoya, Abaetetuba, John Russell, Diatribes, John Edwards, Phil Wachsmann, Charlotte Hug, Raymond MacDonald, Catriona MacKay, Lol Coxhill, Nichole Mitchell, Jason Adasiewicz, Miguel Barella, Javier Carmona, Chief Alonso, Terry Day, Hannah Marshall, Sabu Toyozumi, Luo Chao Yung, Ollie Brice, Veryan Weston, Mrs. Agnes, Trevor Watts, Xavier Erkizia Rob Mazurek, William Parker, Mauricio Takara, Chris Mack, Ricardo Tejero, Mark Dresser, Yusef Lateef, Josh Abrams, Ingebrit Haker-Flaten, Ute Wassermann, Adam Bohmann, Satoshi Takeishi,
Luiz Gubeissi: double bass

He began his musical studies on piano and electric bass passing to double bass at age 23. Taught in harmony Jazz and Bossa Nova with the pianist Samuel Jr. Khuri. Participated in groups of Rock, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Classical Music among other styles. Luiz is dedicated to free improvisation music since 2004, being a member of the musical group ABAETETUBA along with the musicians Antonio Panda Gianfratti, Rodrigo Montoya and Thomas Rohrer. He also participated in the recording of the CD Abaetetuba with the Brazilian cellist and bassist Marcio Mattos. He has played with many improvisers as Marcio Mattos, Sabu Toyozumi, Roger Turner, Urs Leimgruber among others. In 2014 he moved to Australia to experience the Australian free improvisation scene.

Press Review

SOUNDOUT 2013 (Canberra - Australia)




In Portuguese:





released 11 June 2014


released 11 June 2014

Track 1 : Avatsiu - the language of the birds
coletivo Abaetetuba
Antonio Panda Gianfratti: drums and percussion
Thomas Rohrer: electronics, rabeca (brazilian fiddle) and soprano saxophone
Luiz Gubeissi: double bass
Rodrigo Montoya: turntables, electronics, acoustic guitar, charango 
Recorded by Nick Graham-Smith in Pendulum Music studio in 23/11/2013, São Paulo - Brasil.

Track 2 : Cachaça e Jambu
coletivo Abaetetuba
Antonio Panda Gianfratti: shofar, didgeridoo and percussion
Thomas Rohrer: rabeca (brazilian fiddle) 
Luiz Gubeissi: double bass
Rodrigo Montoya: charango and shamisen 
Recorded by Nick Graham-Smith in Pendulum Music studio in 23/11/2013, São Paulo - Brasil.

Track 3: "Encontro de gente boa"
coletivo Abaetetuba & Marcio Mattos:
Antonio Panda Gianfratti: vibraphone
Thomas Rohrer: soprano saxophone and rabeca (brazilian fiddle)
Rodrigo Montoya: acoustic guitar
Marcio Mattos (Brasil/Inglaterra): cello
Recorded in the studio Bebop in 18/10/2006, São Paulo - Brasil.

Track 4: FIIL
FIIL 2011 com
coletivo Abaetetuba:
Antonio Panda Gianfratti: drums and percussion
Thomas Rohrer: rabeca (brazilian fiddle)
Rodrigo Montoya: acoustic guitar
Marcio Mattos (Brasil/Inglaterra): cello
Recorded in FIIL 2011 (Festival Internacional de Improvisação Livre Abaetetuba) in Centro Cultural São Paulo - Brasil in 23/10/2011.

Track 5: Schatten
coletivo Abaetetuba:
Antonio Panda Gianfratti: drums and percussion
Thomas Rohrer: rabeca (brazilian fiddle) and soprano saxophone 
Luiz Gubeissi: acoustic double bass
Rodrigo Montoya: acoustic guitar
Recorded at Cinemateca Brasileira in the VI JornadaBrasileira de Cinema Silencioso. São Paulo - Brasil - 12/08/2012

all tracks mastered by Tiago Morais Morgado




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